Email Response From Tufts University Administration
in response to ULTRA's request for voluntary recognition

Dear Students:


On behalf of the University, we write in response to your letter dated November 14, 2022, to Tufts University President, Anthony Monaco, Director of Residential Life, Christina Alch, and the University’s Board of Trustees, in which you seek the university’s voluntary recognition of the United Labor of Tufts Resident Assistants (ULTRA) as your representative.


While we do appreciate the opportunity to consider your request for voluntary recognition, respectfully, we must decline. The University has consistently supported community members’ rights to unionize through its support for the well-established process offered by the National Labor Relations Board (NLRB) and we intend to do the same in this situation. We respect our community members’ right to petition the NLRB for recognition and to seek an election to decide for themselves whether unionization is in their best interests. We think it’s most fair that all involved have the opportunity to fully understand their rights and responsibilities in and through this democratic process, and to cast a vote. And, consistent with prior practice, we will respect the outcome of any election conducted under the NLRB’s processes in an appropriate bargaining unit.


The University appreciates the dedication that all of the members of the Office of Residential Life provide to our students. Please understand that in light of the pending unionization efforts we may be limited in our ability to engage on substantive matters of concerns to the resident assistants (RAs) at this time, but we look forward to discussing any concerns you may have at the appropriate time and consistent with applicable law.


Thank you for your understanding and consideration,


James M. Glaser                                                      Kyongbum Lee

Dean of the School of Arts and Sciences                Dean of the School of Engineering