For Parents

Help us phone / email bank!

Please use the scripts below to both email and call Tufts University to call on the administration to return to the table today and make a compromise before Tuesday’s strike begins. The goal is to flood the Administration with messages of support for RAs. The more people reach out to Admin, the more seriously they’ll take our request for fair compensation. Feel free to personalize your messages as you see fit and indicate your affiliation with the University as appropriate.

As Tufts parents, your voice has a powerful role in building our momentum and urging the administration to respond. Thank you for your time and support. 

Call President Kumar: (617) 627-3320

Email Tufts Administration

Phone / Email Script: 

Hello President Kumar,

I am calling to ask the university to come back to the bargaining table today and make a compromise with your Resident Assistants to avoid a strike.

RAs work hard to support my child(ren), and they come back to campus 3 weeks early each summer to get trained so they are prepared to do their jobs. These are real jobs. The University relies on RAs to keep my child(ren) safe, to create a welcoming and supportive dorm culture, to program events throughout the year, and much more.

As a parent, I’m asking you as Tufts leadership to pay the RAs.